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Coaching, is essentially about behavioural change. Often the skills that got a manager or supervisor their position are not necessarily going to be the skills that will allow them to progress. Coaching, is an opportunity to understand this new role, it’s associated responsibilities and then to facilitate an individual’s development.


Team Coaching / Development interventions are usually about assisting a team develop to ensure they are functioning to their optimum level. It focuses on training that not only solves problems or makes improvements, but also helps to improve the team’s contribution to the overall organisation. The development of effective, performing work teams is an ongoing, complex learning experience requiring continuous teaching, coaching and experience. Managers and supervisors can access support either individually or with the view of developing an educational or awareness session for their team.


Change in any context is difficult. Employees will change their mindsets only if they see the point of change and agree with it at least enough to give it a try. Understanding this process from an organisational, employee and managerial perspective is important before planning and then facilitating this change. We are able to assist supervisors and managers either individually or with their working groups or teams implement change so that resistance is reduced.


Mindfulness and Coaching is about enhancing emotional intelligence. It is about increasing self-awareness, improving performance and developing leadership skills. We tend to use the Acceptance Commitment Model with its focus on mindfulness, values and actions.