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Frequently Asked Questions



What is EAP?

An EAP is a confidential counselling service paid for by employers so that employees and in some instances, their immediate family can access support regarding work and non-work issues.

What is Injury Management?

It is a specific service provided by Working Life that is designed to support you remain at work, or return to work. It is provided by Working Life who are an approved and independent Workcover Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. We have qualified and experienced consultants

What are People & Organisational Development Services?

Any service that aims to support, develop and increase efficiencies of people and the companies that they work for. Services maybe at an individual, team or organisation wide level.


Who pays?

In relation to EAP’s the service is free for the employee as it is paid for by their employer. In relation to Injury Management, the service is paid for by the employers Workers Compensation Insurer at a gazetted fee. In relation to People & Organisational Development Services, fees are negotiated by hour, per day or per assignment and depend upon the complexity and nature of the work.

Who are your Consultants?

They are mostly Psychologists, but include Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists & Counsellors. Our People and Organisational Development Consultants vary from Management Consultants to Human Resource Professionals. We all have one thing in common – a minimum of 10yrs industry experience.