Educational sessions

conflict resolution mediation

From time to time in workplaces there is conflict which is not wanted or unhealthy. Taking steps to resolve conflict immediately can prevent many issues from escalating. Mediation often improves understanding between parties in an ongoing relationship and can be less expensive, quicker, more informal and less stress. At Working Life we can assist with this.

managing individual employees

Often the skills that individuals possessed and resulted them being appointed to the position of a manager or supervisor are not necessarily the skills that will allow them to do their job effectively going forward. We can assist new managers/supervisors understand the necessary skills they need to develop and assist them achieving this in one to one sessions or group sessions.

managing difficult employees

From time to time there are problematic individuals that managers or supervisors need to manage. These people are the ones that consume most of the managers time and efforts. Identifying difficult behaviours, naming them and challenging difficult employees is a skill set we can assist managers and supervisors develop.

managing an employee whose behaviour is unusual

As a manager or supervisor you are in a privalged position of being able to observe employees for lengthy periods of times, and on occasion you may sense that something is not quite right. Understanding and learning why this might be the case can assist you decide if it is a conversation you need to have with your direct report. These are difficult conversations that we tend to avoid or that when we have them tend to go that well. We can assist in preparing for these conversation.

managing an employee with a suspected mental health issue

Initiating this type of conversation can be difficult, however with some knowledge and training supervisors and managers are encouraged to extend their duty of care to employees who they know or perceive may be struggling with some of life’s challenges.

talking to an employee regarding their sub performance

These types of conversations a difficult, however crucial to the role of a supervisor, manager or leader. Through individual sessions or courses, we can assist individuals to have these critical conversations allowing them to manage their people better, developing not only their direct report but also themselves in this process.

encouraging employees to access the employee assistance program

Often supervisors and managers want to extend their duty of care to employees, but simply do not know how to best go about this. There are certainly some dos and don’ts and we have delivered training on an individual or team basis to assist supervisors and managers assisting their direct reports to access the EAP service.

working with teams

Effective teamwork is essential in today’s world, but as you will know from the teams you have led or belong to, it can’t expect a new team to perform exceptionally from the very outset. Management of teams or working groups are challenging and can take time to develop relationships and understand strengths. Through individual or organisational development programs, we have been able to assist a number of teams enhanced level of performance through developing healthy relationships and greater measurable outcomes.

enhancing the effectiveness of your team

Understanding the stage of your team’s development is critical in how you as a supervisor or manager, manage them. We are able to assist supervisors and managers assess what stage of development their teams are at and what behaviours, skills and management techniques that would yield the best results for the teams development.

supporting you and your team through organisational change

Change in any context is difficult. Employees will change their mindsets only if they see the point of change and agree with it at least enough to give it a try. Understanding this process from an organisational, employee and managerial perspective is important before planning and then facilitating this change. We are able to assist supervisors and managers either individually or with their working groups or teams implement change so that resistance is reduced.

team building/team development

Team building interventions are usually about assisting a team develop to ensure they are functioning to their optimum level. It focuses on training that at only solves problems or makes improvements, but also helps to improve the team’s contribution to the overall organisation. The development of effective, permit work teams is an ongoing, complex learning experience requiring continuous teaching, coaching and experience. Managers and supervisors can access support either individually or with the view of developing an educational or awareness session for their team.


Coaching, is essentially about behavioural change. Often the skills that got a manager or supervisor the position are not necessarily going to be the skills that will allow them to progress. Coaching, is an opportunity to understand this new role, associated responsibilities to then facilitate individuals development as well as development of their team. This can occur on a one on one basis or group coaching for the likes of a management team.