Manager assist

As a manager, you have a duty of care to yourself and your employees. We provide support services for managers, supervisors and team leaders who are responsible for managing and leading employees. We will support you with workplace situations or people that you find challenging. These might be issues of communication, behaviour and / or performance. This support services can occur face-to-face, online or in person. It can also occur via workshops of groups.

We can provide support in the following areas

critical incident support

Psychological trauma or critical incidents can be any event to which a person is connected, that is unexpected, outside their usual range of human experience, and that involves some form of loss, injury or threat of injury, whether actual or perceived. A response to trauma is normal. Psychologist can assist by assisting individuals to help understand the response, developing context and also healthy coping skills to manage through this period of challenge.

fitness for work assessments

Sometimes employees present with alcohol, drug misuse, fatigue, poor performance inappropriate behaviours or a myriad of other issues which results in the manager or supervisor being concerned about their fitness for work. Psychological fitness for work assessments are about assisting the manager with assessing and employees psychological fitness for work and provides support and guidance how best to manage this individual. It is an uncomfortable feeling with associated thoughts and physical reactions. It is also very manageable and treatable with psychological intervention.

drug and alcohol assessments

The word depression is used to describe various and sometimes overlapping experiences, however generally it is an emotional, physical and cognitive state that is intense, can be long-lasting and has negative effects on individuals day to day lives. It is not unusual to experience depression at some point in our lifetime, and talking to a psychologist to bettMost workplaces have a drug and alcohol policy, and at times, when individuals contravene this policy, managers might want an assessment of their use, their coping skills and then recommendations how best to support this particular employee with the view of reducing relapse through a case management planer understand the contributing factors to this has been found to be very useful.

mental health training/first aid

Whilst individuals often know a lot about common physical health problems, ignorance of mental health issues, they decreasing, is still prevalent. Knowledge and training can be provided to workplaces across all levels, from work shop floor staff to supervisors, increasing their awareness of mental health issues as well as assisting individuals had to initiate conversations with others that they suspect may have a mental health issue.