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The Neuropsychology of Strategic Thinking and Decision Making; this training explores how to increase your brain’s capacity for strategic thinking and making sound decisions.


Whilst it is human nature to look for negatives in everything first and then try to change that, we adopt Positive Psychology principles via testing, identification and discussion of individual character strengths, then explore how and where to apply these for maximum impact.


Mindfulness, though relatively new in today’s vocabulary has been a skill taught by Psychologists for quite a while. In our Mindful Leadership sessions, we focus on enhancing Self Awareness, Authenticity and Compassion encouraging leaders to practice this skill to enhance personal and professional effectiveness and overall organisational productivity.


Quite often the skills that allowed individuals to progress to management and supervisor roles are not going to be the same skills that will allow them to succeed in their new role. We focus on an array of topics to suit the individual manager’s needs and can include styles of management, levels of leadership, delegation, energy management and results oriented leadership.


A growing body of research evidence shows that when managers and leaders within organisations have honest or crucial conversations with those they work with, the outcome for both participants, and the organisation is significant. A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. They are a normal part of life. We support managers making these conversations happen.